Jonathan Thielmann


Experience & background

Jonathan Thielmann is a Director and licensed insolvency practitioner within Interpath’s Contentious Insolvency team.

Jonathan has over 10 years’ experience assisting clients in the UK and internationally with the recovery of assets. He specialises in formulating and implementing asset recovery strategies to help clients enforce debts arising from commercial disputes.

By taking appointments as liquidator and bankruptcy trustee Jonathan undertakes investigations to identify, protect and realise high-value luxury assets. He works closely with lawyers to formulate and pursue legal claims within bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings to increase the funds available to repay creditors who have suffered loss.

Jonathan has experience working on projects connected to prominent offshore financial centres, central and eastern Europe and Central Asia. In addition to being a licensed insolvency practitioner in England, Jonathan is also a licensed insolvency practitioner in Cyprus and the AIFC (Kazakhstan) which makes him well placed to co-ordinate international asset recovery assignments.

Recent cases include acting as trustee in bankruptcy of a high-profile individual, appointment as liquidator to investigate the causes of a company’s demise and identifying possible recovery actions, leading a team undertaking investigations to determine and quantify financial loss and preparing asset recovery plans.

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