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Three Arrows Fund Ltd granted Chapter 15 Recognition of its Foreign Proceeding

Three Arrows Fund, Ltd. (In Liquidation) (“TAFL”) was granted Chapter 15 Recognition of its Foreign Proceeding by the United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of New York following a hearing on 11 March 2024.
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Chapter 5: Navigating Risks and Responsibilities

During a provisional liquidation, whilst the company reorganises its affairs, the power to carry on the company’s business may vest in the provisional liquidator, subject to the powers granted under the court order.
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Chapter 4: The Impact of "Crypto Twitter"

To the stakeholders of a company, there are few words more dreaded than liquidation or bankruptcy. The adverse connotations of these words, particularly when used speculatively in the press or on social media – present several risks to companies.
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Chapter 3: Liquidity Pools

One of the obstacles encountered during the provisional liquidation of Auros was how to deal with the various liquidity pools utilised by the Companies.
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Chapter 2: Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a computer program that automatically enforces the terms of an agreement between parties, without needing an intermediary.
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Chapter 1: An Introduction & Key Learnings

Following an urgent application to the BVI Court on 23 November 2022, Charlotte Caulfield and James Drury from Interpath Advisory were appointed as “light touch” joint provisional liquidators of Auros Tech Limited and Auros Global Limited (together, “Auros”).
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New IWIRC chapter to launch in BVI

Blair Nimmo and Alistair McAlinden from Interpath Advisory were appointed joint provisional liquidators to J S Crawford Contracts (Borders) Limited on 7 February 2024.
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Three Arrows Fund, Ltd – in Liquidation (the Fund)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on 27 January 2023, James Drury and Paul Pretlove of Interpath (BVI) Limited, 4th Floor, LM Business Centre, P.O. Box 4571, Fish Lock Road, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, VG1110, and David Standish of Interpath Advisory Limited, 10 Fleet Place, London, United Kingdom, were appointed as Joint Liquidators of the Fund by a qualifying resolution of the sole member made on 27 January 2023, in accordance with Section 159(2) of the Act.
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