Charlotte Caulfield

Managing Director


Charlotte has over 25 years’ experience working in the insolvency, asset recovery and restructuring fields, in the UK and British Virgin Islands. Since 2009, she has held an insolvency practitioners license in BVI and has been appointed to some of the largest matters within the jurisdiction including high-profile matters such as the Madoff-related hedge fund collapses of Kingate Global, Fund Ltd and Kingate Euro, Fund Limited and the Fairfield cases. She is currently acting as the ‘light-touch’ provisional liquidator of All Year Holdings Limited, leading the cross-border restructuring of this $850 million property fund with concurrent Chapter 11 proceedings in the US and restructuring in Israel.

Charlotte’s appointments have involved recovery of assets globally including jurisdictions as diverse as Australia, the Ivory Coast, Namibia, Ukraine, France, Vietnam, Rwanda, People’s Republic of China, Anguilla and Argentina. Charlotte regularly partners with foreign insolvency practitioners being jointly appointed with her to effectively administer BVI companies with ‘onshore” assets.